Worldwide Ministry Since 1995

Father Joseph Kimu endorses Terry Modica“In 2004, Terry Modica came to Malawi for two weeks to speak to seminarians, catechists, religious men and women, and priests. It was a wonderful moment of sharing God’s word. Since 2001, I have always cherished her daily Good News Reflections and used some of her ideas in my preaching in churches, at retreats, and on Radio Maria.” (Msgr. Joseph Kimu, Diocese of Mangochi in Malawi, Central Africa, Director of Radio Maria Malawi)

“Terry speaks with sincerity and much practical wisdom from the heart. Her talks sound like they would make sense to hurting and searching hearts as well as to those who have been in long, loving relationship with the Lord for years and just want to go deeper in trust with the Holy Spirit.” (Beth Solis, Deacon’s Wife)

About Terry Modica

Terry Modica joined the Roman Catholic Church in 1977, drawn in by the Eucharist. She had been raised by a Protestant minister and became involved in the occult at age 14, which destroyed her faith over the next 7 years. She also had an abortion, having been taught that the fetus did not have a soul until it took its first breath. Then she met the Holy Spirit who rescued her from the lies she had been believing. And Jesus in the Eucharist delivered her from the demonic strongholds that were trying to keep her away from true faith.

Terry Modica has a Theology Degree and certifications in two Lay Pastoral Ministry institutes. A motivational speaker since 1989, she inspires Catholics to grow deeper in faith and come alive in active involvement. Married to Ralph since 1975 and the mother of two plus one in heaven, she has served the Church in a wide variety of parish and diocesan ministries. Terry and Ralph founded Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay in 1995 and it has grown international with a staff of five and many volunteers who keep it going and growing.

Curriculum Vitae

After growing up as the daughter of a Protestant minister, Terry’s life took a major turn when she learned that the Eucharist in Catholic Mass miraculously becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus. She has been studying Catholic teachings ever since and has been active in evangelization from the start.

Terry’s leadership involvements include prayer groups, Parish Council, and as staff writer for a diocesan newspaper. She has worked as RCIA Director, Evangelization Coordinator, Coordinator of Adult Religious Education and developer of Small Christian Communities (in some cases pioneering it as a new program of the parish).

A published writer since 1982, Terry is the author of the popular daily Good News Reflections as well as books, home study courses, WordBytes (faith-building articles), and countless booklets and pamphlets. She has been a guest on Catholic radio and Christian TV shows. She has taught workshops and directed retreats since 1989. See her online video courses for our Paracletia ministry.

Her specialty is unpacking the Bible and Church teachings, making them easy to understand and therefore life-changing. With her husband, who has been her one and only sweetheart since they married in 1975, she has a special passion for sharing the secrets of success for longevity in the vocation of marriage. She travels anywhere the Lord opens a door.

Podcast Host

Terry Modica is producing several podcast shows. See the Good News Ministries Media Center to find them all. The primary show, FOOTSTEPS TO HEAVEN, are half-hour episodes that provide enlightening insights into the Catholic Faith for the sake of growing in holiness.

Theme: Life’s a journey full of challenges. Sometimes we get stalled. Sometimes we get sidetracked. When we walk with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the Father designed for us, the results are better than we could ask for or imagine.

Themes for Speaking Engagments

Terry’s Topics for Conference Keynotes, Retreats and Parish Missions include:

The Holy Spirit, Marriage, Relationships, Marian Life, Prayer, Evangelization, Women’s issues, Your Story in the Bible, Her Conversion Story from a Protestant upbringing and from the occult, Ministry Discernment, Healing from Suffering through Union with Christ, Technology for Evangelization, How to Use Virtual Reality for Life-Changing Catechesis, and more.

See a sample from her seminar, God’s Radical Love in Marriage.